Welcome to Naked Objects Group

Naked Objects Group seeks to simplify the development of business applications, by eliminating the need to write multiple layers of code. We believe that all of your development effort should be focussed on a single layer - the 'domain object model' that represents the core of your business. In support of this goal we have developed the following open-source software products:

Naked Objects for .NET

Takes a POCO domain object model and, using reflection, creates a fully-functional web application in minutes, without requiring a single line of user interface code to be written. You can then customise the generic user interface by adding custom style sheets, custom views and custom controllers, following standard ASP.NET MVC patterns. Details, Demos, and Downloads.

Restful Objects for .NET

Takes a POCO domain object model and using reflection, creates a complete RESTful API to that model, conforming to the Restful Objects public specification. Details, Demos, and Downloads.

Spiro - Single Page Interface for Restful Objects

A JavaScript framework that facilitates the creation of 'single-page app' style clients to any application server that provides a Resftul Objects API. Details, Demos, and Downloads.

Commercial Services

Naked Objects Group provides consulting services in relation to our open source products. We work directly with clients, or in partnership with systems integrators, including: Accenture, Avanade, BearingPoint, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Deloitte, Hewlett Packard, IBM. Services include:

Training & Mentoring. We run in-house training courses for developers, testers, and business analysists

Domain object modelling. We have world-class experts in domain-driven design and domain object modelling

Application development. We can undertake any or all of the development cycle for you, from exploratory prototyping through to complete solution delivery should you wish.

Commissioned product extensions & customisations. Should you need any of our frameworks to be extended in capability, we undertake such commissions.